Marblehead writer, Michele Tamaren “ExtraOrdinary” book launch!

It was a delight to hear Michele Tamaren and Michael Wittner speak about their new book, ExtraOrdinary: An End of Life Story Without End,  at the Jewish Community Center in Marblehead MA.  I photographed Michele for her book cover,  and it’s a thrill to see such a successful launch!

Michele and Michael, co-authors, have been featured in the prestigious Publishers Weekly Review, which is the dream of every writer. It is rare to be selected and receive such a positive review by this highly esteemed, century old literary journal.

Also, in the first week it was available on Amazon Kindle, ExtraOrdinary was ranked as a Hot New Pick and listed in the top five in the category of Death and Grieving. Although, as Michael said, the book is truly about life and loving.

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An End of Life Story Without End

Michele Tamaren and Michael Wittner. Pearlsong (Ingram, dist.), $18.95 trade paper (222p) ISBN 978-1-59719-061-9

In this deeply moving and inspiring account, Tamaren and Wittner share the life story of a man close to their hearts. When Michele’s mother, Betty, married Herman Liss (she was 55 and he was 65), Tamaren finally had a father figure she adored. Always joyful, Herman exuded a love for life that was contagious. His sincere concern for others, his keen intelligence, and his natural grace generated hundreds of meaningful friendship throughout his life. Wittner, who first met Herman as a result of a community service requirement in his high school, became a devoted friend to the older man when Herman nearly lost the resolve to live after Betty’s death. The authors recall, in simple but evocative language, how Herman always encouraged others to follow their dreams and how deep was his commitment to treat others as he would want to be treated. Readers can expect tears to flow as Herman’s life inspires them to be better. (June)

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